Thursday, January 14, 2010

Memory Box Photo Holder

Ok couldn't wait for my goodies to come tomorrow so I made this one just to tide me over. This is a cute Memory Box and inside there are cards to journal on and on the other side you can put a photo. I even have the slots in the corners so all ya have to do is slide them in.

Nice to carry just
a few photos to show off to family and friends.

Hope you like it. There will be more probably this weekend.

Hurry up goodies!! Please come tomorrow!!


  1. I love this!!! Did you stamp on the journal cards or did they come like this?? Keeping my fingers crossed the Mail Man brings the goodies, so then you'll have a great weekend!!

  2. Thank you....and YES! I got my box o goodies today so you will probably see a few more of the memory boxes and whatever else I can come up with.

  3. Yeah!!!! Something to look forward to beside the moutain of laundry going and my 4 year old tearing up the living room.... and getting the other 3 from school.... oh Happy Friday!!! AT LEAST NO SNOW OR VERY COLD WEATHER!!! Can't wait!!!!